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“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.” Goethe

Integrative + Systemic

Our work draws upon our experiences in systems theory, vertical development, performance psychology, organisational transformation research, and the latest findings in behavioural neuroscience. Our resulting programs and projects bring together these concepts – both theoretically and practically – and inform the solutions and options we recommend to our clients.


Research-based + Experiential

Research is the foundation of our work and the basis on which we create relevant leadership development approaches. At the same time, our team translates current research into experiential work, practices, and innovative leadership programs. Together, they yield an approach that allows our clients to set procedures for leadership success, as well as, experiment with new behaviours and observe themselves in action. Our ultimate goal is to build aptitude, confidence, and skill that allow clients and their teams to expand their range of responses in diverse contexts.


Custom-made + Co-creative

Your team and your organisation are unique. Therefore, each solution we offer is custom-made according to your situation and your needs. Our team works towards a well-defined purpose and clear outcomes. We have found that this works equally well with individual leaders or teams. The success of this approach is strengthened by the collaborative and co-creative interactions at the centre of all our engagements. Our combined talents, when used to build genuine partnerships, make arriving at powerful solutions all the more possible.

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